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File Submission Layout

File Submission Layout

This file layout has been created for employers who have the ability to export new hire data from their existing payroll or human resources software. If you have any questions, or need further assistance with reporting electronically after reviewing the File Submission Frequently Asked Questions page, please Contact the Michigan New Hires Operation Center.

Please see the end of this document for a listing of the methods you can choose from for sending your company’s new hire data in the format shown below.

Regardless of transmission method or media type, the following file submission layout must be used.

MI Employer File Submission Layout - Create file using FIXED-WIDTH ASCII TEXT FORMAT.  (Printable PDF Version)

FieldTypeLengthStart PositionEnd PositionOpt'l/Req'dComments
Employee SSN#Numeric919RequiredAll zeros will be rejected
Employee First NameChar161025RequiredLeft justify
Employee Middle InitialChar12626OptionalSpace if unknown
Employee Last NameChar202746RequiredLeft justify
Employer NameChar404786RequiredLeft justify
Employer FEINNumeric98795RequiredAll zeroes will be rejected
Employer Address Line 1Char3596130RequiredLeft justify
Employer Address Line 2Char35131165OptionalLeft justify
Employer CityChar25166190RequiredLeft justify
Employer StateChar2191192RequiredValid 2 Letter State Code
Employer Zip CodeNumeric5193197RequiredAll zeroes will be rejected
Employer Zip+4Numeric4198201OptionalAll zeroes will be rejected
Employee Address Line 1Char35202236RequiredLeft justify
Employee Address Line 2Char35237271OptionalLeft justify
Employee CityChar25272296RequiredLeft justify
Employee StateChar2297298RequiredValid 2 Letter State Code
Employee Zip CodeNumeric5299303RequiredAll zeroes will be rejected, Space if unknown
Employee Zip+4Numeric4304307OptionalAll zeroes will be rejected, Space if unknown
Employee's Date of BirthNumeric8310317OptionalMmddyyyy
Employee's Date of HireNumeric8318325RequiredMmddyyyy
Employee's Driver License NumberChar16326341Optional 

File Naming Guidelines

When you are ready to save your file, please name the file with the first four characters of your company name, plus the day and month you are creating it. For example:

Acme Incorporated, file created on December 1st - acme1201.txt
Microsoft Corporation, file created February 14th - micr0214.txt

If you are unable to use this naming convention, please name your file as uniquely as possible. Using 4-8 letters that are an acronym of your company name, or actually spelling your company name is acceptable. If you are sending multiple files, please provide a unique name for each file. Multiple files with the same name cannot be processed.

Please do not use "newhire" or any variation of "newhire" for your file name.

How to Send a File to Our Center

After you have created a file that matches our official file submission layout, please contact our center to arrange a "test" read of the data. We can then assist you in determining the most appropriate way to send our Center your file. Listed below are the variety of ways a file can be sent to our Center:

Electronic Transmission Methods

  • Web-Transfer - Register on our web site (www.mi-newhire.com) and then sign on to securely transfer a file to us. You will also receive a confirmation of receipt with this method.

  • SSL File Transfer Protocol - This option utilizes your connection to the Internet to transmit files. Click here for instructions.

Magnetic Media Types Accepted when Sending Files to Our Center

All magnetic media must be clearly labeled with the submitter's name, return address, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and contact name with phone number.

  • 3.5" Diskette - The diskette must be in IBM format and be mailed in a protective envelope to prevent damage during transit. Diskettes are not returned.

  • 9-Track Reel or 3480/3490 Cartridge Tapes - Our Center accepts files on this media type. Because of postage and handling costs you may incur, we encourage you to consider the previously listed methods before sending files using this media type.

Specifications for 9-Track Reel or 3480/3490 Cartridges

Tape: 1/2 magnetic tape in the unpacked mode on 9-track tape.Recording density: must be 1600 or 6250 bits per inch.
Label: IBM OS/VS format or ANSI OS/VS format. Unlabeled tapes are a last resort.Format: ASCII or EBCDIC
File Type: fixed lengthRecord size: 341
10 records per blockBlocking size of 3410

This document was created to assist employers, software developers, and other persons with the creation of a file that meets our Center's file submission layout guidelines for electronic reporting of required new hire information.