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Reporting Basics
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Multistate Reporting
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Frequently Asked QuestionsChild

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Getting Started

I've never reported new hires, what do I do?

About the Law

Is anyone exempt from this law?

Do Independent Contractors (1099's) have to be reported?

Are labor unions and hiring halls required to report?

Common Employer Questions

I am an employer with employees in more than one state. Do I have to report in each state?

Is there an easier way to report other than submitting a New Hire Reporting Form?

What if I have questions about specific child support or income withholding?

Do I have to report if I do not hire anyone?

Are domestic employees (maid, nurse, gardener) required to be reported?

I am an employer who has more than one address. Which one should I list?

I provide employee information on my Quarterly Wage Reports. Why must I also report the employee as a new hire?

Do I need to report an employee who worked for a couple of hours or days and then quit?

Do I have to include my FEIN on line 10 of the W-4? The instructions say to include it only if I sent it to the IRS.

If I take over a business, do I have to report all of the employees?

In addition to reporting new hires, do I need to report terminated employees as well?

Can I send an outdated W-4?

How will the information be used?